Tatiana Tozar

Tatiana Tozar

Scientific Researcher 3rd degree

Tatiana Tozar has the Bachelor degree in Biophysics (2010), the Master degree in Biophysics and Medical Physics (2012), and the PhD in Physics - Optics, Spectroscopy, Plasma, Lasers (2016). The major focus of her research is on interdisciplinary approaches to develop and apply laser methods in irradiating medicine solutions in order to generate new antimicrobials to fight antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Secondary focus represents the use of picoseconds lasers in ex vivo identification of malignant tissue by using laser-induced autofluorescence and FTIR-ATR. Her area of research is interdisciplinary, involving laser physics and spectroscopy, biophysics, chemistry, as well as microbiology.

Her research experience involves laser physics, spectroscopy (UV-Vis-NIR, FTIR, LIF, laser induced phosphorescence of singlet oxygen), chromatography (LC-TOF/MS, TLC and PTLC; TLC analysis software: JustTLC and CP ATLAS 2.0 freeware) and microbiology (MIC, MBEC, fluorometric methods to establish the inhibition of microbial efflux pumps).

Researcher ID

  • Researcher ID: E-6369-2016
  • ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0002-5953-9241
  • Member of the group since: 2011
Tatiana Tozar (Alexandru)
Scientific Researcher 3rd degree, PhD.